Clicks Afritrue naturals: moisturising curls products -Product review


I know I’ve been MIA up in this blog, but sometimes it be like that… (basically I don’t have a valid reason🙈).

Hope you’re all good and your fro is THRIVIN’

I am reviewing 3 products from the Clicks Afritrue naturals moisturising curls range. If you’re looking for a great value for money, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!


The shampoo is actually softening! When I washed my hair, it did not dry up my hair like many shampoos do. Before washing my hair I detangled it to minimize breakage and I found that I could still detangle my hair with it. It has a great slip but it’s most certainly not the most lathering shampoo I’ve used. I’m not mad at that though since its not marketed as a clarifying shampoo. If you’re looking for a ‘gentle cleanser’ that still gives you a great slip and cleanse… I recommend you try it out.


I feel like the conditioner deserves a separate blog. 🤣

I would like to think that my hair is pretty dense (it is ok!) and so when it comes to conditioners I use up almost 250ml. When I condition my hair I want to thoroughly detangle and I want ALL my strands to be coated. This conditioner is all that and more!

The slip is so good that I didn’t use up as much product as I normally would and took less time to detangle. This is an extra for me because I dont like conditioners that just leave my hair feeling dry afterwards and not properly detangled. By the looks of things I might use this bottle 3-4times, I will give an update on my insta stories.

Leave in detangler

I’ve used this a couple of times and I loved it each time! A detangler or leave in conditioner is supposed to make your job easier and this one does it. I love its thick creamy consistency, it provides a great slip. Another thing that I like is that it’s not too oily so it doesn’t just sit on the hair without being absorbed. I’ve noticed that some leave in(s) that are thick and creamy dont usually get easily absorbed and they just cause product build up, the arch enemy of low porosity hair like mine.

My overall thoughts

I was firstly attracted by the colorful packaging and the scent… yes I open products before buying them so I can have a whiff (I know I’m not the only one).

I absolutely love products that smell good and these definitely do. I was impressed by the sizes of the shampoo and conditioner, 400ml is not the norm. Usually I find products that are like 250ml and 500ml (the smaller sizes), the disadvantage with this is that I use almost 250ml conditioner in one sitting and I might not want to pay a ridiculously high price for a larger container.

In terms of the ingredients I’m just ok, I think they are ok for the price of the products (maybe even better than some of the high priced products I’ve seen). I think they do the job and won’t break your bank.

Will I buy them again?

YES! I am a self confessed cheapie that likes good things 🤣 and these products are a great value for money.

Have you tried this products? I’m interested in how other people view them or if you will be trying them please let me know how it goes.

Anyways thanks for popping by…you can catch up with me on other platforms, here are the links

Until next time,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lois Munyembate says:

    Thank you for this, can’t wait to buy the product and try it out. ❤


    1. nattienoko says:

      I hope you like them as much as I do 🙂


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