Life lessons I learnt from my natural hair journey.

Heeey there lovers of natural hair.

We pretty much know that growing healthy long natural hair can be a bit of a job, but  besides learning about our beautiful hair, I have learnt valuable life lessons from my natural hair journey.


This is definitely a top of the list. Nurturing my hair and doing all sorts of stuff for it to grow and be healthy, and then my hair doesn’t budge (lol). Lets be honest, it can be a bit frustrating to see people that started growing their hair naturally after you and for their hair to grow faster than yours…really? like REEELY?!

But that’s how life is. our journeys are not the same, it doesn’t matter who started what when. What matters is just doing you and being patient with your journey, whether it is life or natural hair related.


The things about natural hair is you can do and slay a certain hairstyle today and tomorrow it doesn’t work out. Same products, same routine, same hands and still it might not come out like yesterday. I have realised though that when you keep at it you can learn more about your hair and what works for it. Persistence does not mean doing things that cause damage and expecting different results but rather simple hairstyles like bantu knots or twist. I learnt that in life I need to try JUST ONE MORE TIME…

Asking for help

In life it is almost certain that a path you want to walk on, someone has walked on it or a similar path. I don’t always have it figured out, I don’t always have he answers or the know how’s  with regards to my hair and life in general. I have learnt that it is okay to ask for help from others, it doesn’t mean that I am weak or less than smart it means that I am smart enough to be aware that I cannot do it on my own and should ask for help from someone who might have the answers.

Every moment counts

With naturals, we can get so caught up in trying to get long hair or for it to be thick, voluminous or for the curls to pop that we miss the beauty of the moment. Natural hair is beautiful in all stages, we just need to take a moment to appreciate that. The same goes with life, we can be so caught up in the rat race that we miss the simple beautiful moments of the day.  These moments can be hearing a child laugh or having a meaningful conversation with a stranger or just appreciating flowers on the side of the road. My hair has taught me that its okay to take a breather from it all and just appreciate how far I’ve come and where I am.

Anyways…. let me stop here with all this cheesy mushy talk. I am interested in hearing about life lessons you might have learnt from your natural hair journey.  Don’t be shy to leave your comment and let’s get chattin’.

Hang out with me on my socials it’s @nattienoko on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Until then, laters!


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