How I concurred colour damage

Hey natties! Welcome back.

I’ve always been a little adventurous with my hair, especially before I decided I want to be serious with my natural hair journey, but that’s story for another day.

I started experimenting with hair dyes in 2015 but at that time I did not experience any damage (but then again I didn’t know much). So in 2017 I decided that I want to dye my ends blonde. Being a DIY queen (and basically a cheapskate) I decided I will do it myself, and boy did I regret it! To cut the story short, I damaged my hair! Below are some of the things I did to bring my hair back to life (in no particular order).


Basically I had to cut a huge chunk of my hair MONTH AFTER MONTH. I did not want to cut a lot out so I decided I will do it in bits and pieces. I was so sad that I was losing length that I had worked hard on that I had a protective style majority of the time, this brings me to my next point.


Protective styling is by far my best and favourite way to retain length. I did that for some months to ensure that whatever I was growing, I keep it because I was already losing length due to the monthly trims.


I don’t usually deep condition a lot, sometimes I don’t even do the monthly deep conditioning that most natties recommend but I found myself deep conditioning with every wash, and it helped a great deal.


I generally had to take extra care of my hair like moisturising as needed, not skipping wash days and just being gentle. I guess I was over compensating for damaging my hair.

Unfortunately I did not really document this entire process but below is a picture of when the damage started. hahaha don’t look at other things, just look at my hair LOL!

And this one here is a picture of my crown now.

And that’s it!

Laters! Love nattienoko

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