I washed my hair and face with beer soap.

I know right!

Hey lovers of natural things.

I absolutely love all things arts and craft, I LOVE homemade and handmade things especially if they smell good.  So naturally I was drawn to the stand at Maboneng Precinct of ladies selling beer soap, I had to find out how they make it and most importantly WHY BEER?!


The benefits they say, are that it balances pH, good for people with eczema (like myself) and of course the extra nourishment that comes from the oils that are in the soap. With that being said, I had to try it…I washed my hair and face with beer soap.

It smelled absolutely divine with hints of cinnamon (one of, if not my favourite scent). The soap just melted on my hands as I washed my face, its very delicate and creamy. The beer soap left my face feeling supple and smooth.

Washing my hair with it was also interesting, Although it does not foam like the African Black Soap, I think it did a pretty good job cleansing my scalp and stands, more than that, my hair was soft and easy to finger detangle.

The downside was that the soap was a tad soft so it meant that I used a whole lot as it was “melting” fast, I’m not sure if it was the heat or it had not dried properly. Since it did not foam a lot I had to use a lot because my hair is pretty dense. The soap has some particles, I think its from the herbs or spices. While it was great for my face as it was exfoliating, when it came to my hair I had a lot of rinsing to do to make sure they were all out…WHAT A JOB FOR A LAZY NATTIE!


Although it was labelled with ingredients, the flavour of the soap was not included there so its hard for me to say which one I used but if you ever want to try it, it’s the one with hints of cinnamon. I also love to know the mass or size of items I am buying, I think they can improve on that since it was not included on the packaging.

Overall I loved the soap and will be using it again.

Will I buy it again? MOST DEF!

Am I recommending it to other people? OF COURSE!

The beer soap is by Swa Misava Naturals, it’s made in Soweto but they have 2 stalls at Maboneng precinct.

PS. this is not sponsored


By the way the use of beer on hair is not as taboo as some people think, there’s actually natties that swear by a beer rinse like I swear on my tea rinse… but we will leave that for another day.

Until then, laters.

Love Nattienoko


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lebogang Novela says:

    For someone who doesn’t drink beer (or any form of alcohol) I’m quite surprised that you’re using it on your hair and face 😂😂😂 *just kidding*.
    Who would have thought that they’d be beer soap hey, talk about creativity at its best, for a curious cat like me, I’m interested ☺️.


  2. Wow, beer soap. What creativity!


    1. nattienoko says:

      I know right! The ladies that make it are definitely innovative. Thanks for poppin by 💃


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