Body issues.


Okay, lets try again…

There is nothing as frustrating as people telling you how much weight you’ve gained and how much your body has changed or about how you’re this and that.

I think its safe(ish) to say that I have had body issues for the longest of times and my confidence was not at the highest because of that and I’ve realised that I did not see those flaws until someone pointed them out to me.

Us (society as a whole) having ideas of how a perfect body is has also impacted on other people. I’ll be honest, I have what you call knock knock knees but at times I find myself comparing mine with those of others. And these perceptions are somehow passed down to the young ones.

My body issues have gotten better as I have grown but they are not completely gone. There’s still things I’d like to fix but I like me better now, I love me better.

I have accepted that there is no perfect body and that there is always going to be a better body feature somewhere.

Accepting that this is the way I was created has given me much peace. I mean my knock knock or kiss kiss legs still reach the same distance as someone with straight legs.

Anyways, laters!

Love nattienoko

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  1. Fionantebeni says:

    I have come to learn as well that the first thing people notice about you, is what makes you uninsured unique. As much as we hate it at times it really is. Keep writing hunny.


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