Spur Falcon Arrow – the place to enjoy your special #moments

My friend and I had not seen each other in a while, it has somehow become a norm seeing how busy we both are. We finally decided that we would meet and Spur Falcon Arrow was the place.

Walking in with my friend we were immediately greeted with a smile and enthusiasm by the staff. After being shown the menu I decided I would eat crumbed mushrooms and wings. The scrumptiousness of the shrooms!! Out of this world, I tell you.

As the conversation was progressing we could not help but notice the music playing in the background. It had that chilled homely vibe. It reminded me of the Sunday family gatherings we would have, it didn’t feel like a restaurant but a familiar and favoured space.

The conversation was flowing to a point where people came and left with us sitting there, you know like a timelapse scene in the movies. We got so comfortable that we sat for so long, and inevitably, having dessert was a must.

All this while our waitress kept checking on us and made sure we are enjoying the stay. She really went out of her way to cater to our needs, she was super interactive and generally fun as someone serving us.

Spur Falcon Arrow may be known as a family restaurant but it is way more than that. It is a place to be with your friends, seal deals and be with your loved ones…the place for many special MOMENTS.

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