Why I don’t follow natural hair trends.

Heeeeeyyy Natties!

Lets be honest, taking care of natural hair is not the simplest of things to do, especially if you want to retain length and have healthy hair.

For the longest of times we were made to believe our hair is not good as it is and so we have used all sorts of chemicals to alter it, in a way I can say we got used to doing things in a certain way…

Then we returned to natural…


Our hair needs moisture, it needs protein, these products are good, and these products are bad. Then there’s porosity, density, hair type and so on. We have essentially went from just doing things to taking caution, of course that is not a bad thing. However, we want our hair to grow fast, we want length, definition, volume… WE WANT IT ALL!

That leads us to trying onion juice, rice water, tea rinses and beer rinses, cayenne pepper and the latest chebe powder. The way things are going we will be told to rinse our hair with urine from a 90 year old virgin dragon, IT NEVER ENDS!

I will be honest, when I started taking my hair seriously I wanted to try just about anything that will make my hair long, thick and healthy.  With time I realised that having a good routine was working without relying solely on these concoctions. Don’t get me wrong, experimenting is good, in fact I still do it but I now know what works for me.

So if you’re new to this journey, take your time and see what works for you, but don’t just move with the wind. You will end up frustrated with your hair, which is not good for your hair at all.

The thing about these trends is that the same nutrients you find in onion juice you can find it elsewhere, there is more than one thing that provides similar nutrients or do a similar job, its just a matter of finding one that works and sticking to it.

So fellow nattie, do you drift with the wind when it comes to trends or have you found your “holy grail”?


Love, Nattienoko.

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  1. Khutso says:

    I once used native child products my gat😣😣😣😣my hair was breaking and sekrafele sona😢😢😢I ended up cutting my hair. This year I have been using the dark n lovely afro products and so far so good no more hair breakage.


    1. nattienoko says:

      Yoh! I’m sorry to hear about that. Weird enough I have not tried their products or the dark and lovely au natural range…but at least your crown is recovering now.


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