Black Girl Magic

What is Black Girl Magic?

Does it depend on the concentration of melanin you have?

Is it the number of lashes your back can take without saying a word?

What is Black Girl Magic?

Is it the burning of oneself to keep others warm?


To me black girl magic should not be about “strength” or “power” that we possess, of course I am not saying that we should not celebrate ourselves because we have come far as black woman. However, I believe we should not make this about how strong we are or how much we have achieved or even how many “manly” things we can do as black woman. These things to me promote a society of “strong” woman but with self image issues, that may lead to mental health illnesses.

What is Black Girl Magic?

For me it should be about how I view myself, how I define my strength. It is about how I decide to wear my hair or pursue certain career interests.

It is definitely not about how society defines a black woman to be.

Black Girl Magic for me, is deciding whether I want to wear a weave or not, whether I want to straighten my hair or leave it in its kinky state. It should be a celebration of all woman, regardless of their shade, hair texture, struggles, choices or so called strength.

Black girl magic should celebrate a woman who makes her OWN choices and lives HER life the way SHE PLEASES. Not how we have portrayed ourselves to be indestructible. Black Girl Magic is about a REAL woman, in a REAL world who decides to cry and shout because she cant take it anymore. Black Girl Magic is about quitting school halfway through to do something you’re passionate about, and it is also about saying “Today I shall not fight”.

That is Black Girl Magic, to me…


Love, Nattienoko.









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