LOCO-Best moisturizing method for all hair porosities.

Hey Natties!

Recently the natural hair community has been taken by storm over the moisturizing methods that are referred to as LCO/LOC.

Before I get into it, here is a quick run down of what these letters stand for.

L-Liquid (water based, pure waster is usually the best)

C-Cream (emulsion of oil and water based substance, this may be a leave in conditioner)

O-Oil (well…oil). 20180601_145200

The most common method for moisturising has been the LCO/LOC (in the order of how you apply it on your hair). The thing with these methods is that the type of oil you apply will depend on hair porosity, for example light oils like coconut, sweet almond and olive oil are best for low porosity hair and heavy oils and butters such as castor oil or shea butter would be great for High porosity hair.

The challenge with this method is that it is specific and not really conducive for a lazy nattie like myself, who might not want to monitor hair porosity (it may change from time to time). I have found that incorporating both light and heavy oils work better for my hair and moisture is retained for longer.

I use the LOCO method, I apply the products in that order however the first oil after using a liquid would be light and the last product applied would be a heavy like castor oil or shea oil to seal off everything. This method ensures the light oils penetrate my hair cuticles easily and the heavy oil seals off all the liquid, light oil and cream.

Please be on the look out for more hair related content.


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