How to eat an elephant.

Many times I have found myself frustrated and overwhelmed by my dreams. They are big,crazy and not even related to one another.

I’m constantly worrying and over thinking if I will be able to realise all of them. I mean a girl is supposed to dream right? But sometimes that dream haunts you and it turns to be a nightmare.

Often times when I get overwhelmed I just leave everything, literllay I would rather just sleep and not do anything at all. Well besides getting sleep its not a good thing as it does not take me closer to any of my dreams (figuratively of course).

So I am learning to take it one step at a time, to be more patient with myself and to keep going no matter how slow it may seem or feel.

That is how you eat an elephant, you just have to take one bite at a time. Every piece you eat will lead to another big one.

*No elephants were harmed for the purpose of this blog 😂😂. I can imagine they taste horrible yuck! People don’t eat elephants right?


Laters 😚

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