My winter hair care regime!

HEEEEY! Hello Natties!

Winter is upon us šŸ˜¦ ! well in South Africa anyways.

This is my first blog about hair by the way (finally!!). Well I have just unsure of what I am going to post about my hair since I feel like you’ll know everything already. So I finally decided that I am going to share how I keep my hair protected in winter as this is a very crucial time for us natties…(dramatic music). well lets jump right in…


Moisture Moisture Moisture!! I don’t think I am even mentioning it enough. My hair gets sooo dry in winter its not even funny! :(. I have found that I need to hydrate twice as much as I need to in the summer. Usually I spritz my hair every other day, but now I literally do it twice a day! I KNOW RIGHT! Okay so here is what I do… In the morning when I shower I don’t use a shower cap, trust me that steam does wonders!! sometimes our hair needs just a gentle touch of moisture. After I am done getting ready I apply my light oils (grape seed, almond, coconut or avocado oil) which ever one I have available or even all of them (WHY NOT? LOL! )Sometimes I follow with a heavy oil then I am done. Then at night I do something similar but this time I either add leave-in conditioner or hair butter, I then wrap my hair with a “satin scarf” (Its so old I don’t even know if its still satin šŸ™‚ )


Protective style! Well since our royal crows tend to tangle up especially if you areĀ  4C, a protective style is a must do regardless of the season. In winter our hair needs extra care as it is most vulnerable, it is most likely to break or split if it is not well protected. Currently I am, wig “in it, I started end of April in fact (I don’t waste time). For me at the moment I found that it protects my hair but I still have the freedom to continue with my everyday routine. I do feel like I need another PS , so do share as to what I could do.


Extra conditioning, winter is the season to double up on everything. Since my crown is most vulnerableĀ in winter it needs all the nourishment it can get to keep it strong. I use hydrating conditioner (Moisture, moisture, remember?) at least once a week (if I am not lazy). I also use leave-in conditioner every other day. My hair does not need much protein treatments I have noticed, but when it does I make my own using avocado, honey, protein rich oils like olive oil and coconut oil and mix in a bit of my conditioner.


The dreaded trim, I knowĀ a lot of natties that don’t like to trim (myself included). We feel like it is eating away at our length but on the contrary it doesn’t. If hair has split ends then it is likely to cause even more breakage. So trimming stops the hair from splitting and surprisingly helps with length retention. I have not yet needed a trim so far but I will see how my hair is as the season progresses.


Beware of moisture thief’s! These are fabricsĀ that absorb moisture like wool. I mean it defeats the purpose if I will moisturize so much then wear something that will counter that. Since I am currently wig’in it , so far I have not had the need to wear any hats. but generally the go to material for natties is something that does not absorb moisture like satin.

And there we have it!


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