Self reflection

What does it mean to self reflect? Do we ever take a minute to reflect on ourselves, lives and surroundings?
Self reflection is analysing and assessing all aspects of your life in the most truthful and honest manner.

I’ve found that reflecting gives me a certain eye over my life, like putting my eyes out so I can see all of me.
Its the time I am in tune with my emotions and thoughts. It is so easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter, we spend so much of our time just going through the motions, keeping up appearances, chasing dreams, money…people and we forget about our inner beings.

In the times that I reflect I get to think about my future, hopes and dreams and the person I would to become. I also think of my past, not to dwell on it but to see what kind of person I was/am or the decisions I’ve made so I can make better decisions in future.

While reflecting don’t get caught up with what was or what could be because it is easy to lose your current self to your past or spend time worrying about things that have not happened.

Reflecting helps me stay focused on my goals, it helps me identify my weaknesses and strengths and has played a huge role in helping me stay true to myself and it has also helped me resolve many internal conflicts.

With that being said let me leave you with something to nibble on :’Your vision will become clear when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.”


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  1. Derichking says:

    I would like to agree with you on that…….a person who self reflect is more in tune with oneself. We thank you for wise words, we dedicating this weekend self reflecting.😃😉


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